Types of String for Jewelry Making

String material for jewelry and craft projects can range from a simple piece of nylon to a high-end piece of silk. They many different types of string material will ensure there is something for every project, but this can make it a little confusing to choose the right one. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular string options for jewelry making:


Nylon is a highly versatile option that is practical for many different jewelry designs. It is a reliable option in woven bracelets and a useful choice for most general string related situations. Nylon string is split into several different categories. One of the popular types is the Chinese knotting cord which is a type of braided nylon. This nylon is very strong and easily able to maintain its shape. Also, the KO beading thread is abrasion resistant, strong and easy to secure the ends tightly.


Cotton cord is a useful option for projects that can benefit from a distinctive look. This type of string material is created by combining several woven threads and applying a coating of wax to help minimize issues with fraying. It is great for stringing beads with a threaded hole in the region of 1 to 2 mm in thickness. Once the coating of wax is applied, the string is very clean and durable.


Elastic cord is a useful option for making jewelry that needs a certain degree of flexibility, such as the stretchy bracelets. The elastic nature of this string makes the jewelry very easy to remove. Once the jewelry beads are placed on the elastic, it is relatively easy to secure using a basic surgeon’s knot or similar. Also, for extra strength, the knot can easily be finished with a few drops of elastic friendly glue.

Polyethylene fiber

The use of polyethylene fiber is the right choice for pieces of jewelry that need a lot of strength. This material has the ability to give great all-round strength and is very easy to tie at the end of a project. It is a practical option for holding beads that aren’t smooth.

Polyester cord

Polyester cord is a very strong and easy to use option for the macramé and shamballa jewelry designs. It is a useful choice when working with beads that have a large thread hole. The string is very dependable and will not lose its shape or shrink when it comes into contact with moisture.


Trend Setters in Bridal Jewellery

Six months away? Or just a month more? The big day that you have been so meticulously planning for is almost here! As your heart beats faster at the wonderful thought of spending the rest of your life with that special someone, that checklist for perfection begins ticking its clock! For every moment that you close your eyes, imagine yourself, flawless in your beautiful gown, handpicked to dazzle! When you have picked nothing less than perfection, when it comes to bridal jewellery we are here to help you choose the perfect finishing touch! Read more to choose from the trendiest of fashion from down the aisle:

Layer ’em up: Your necklace will always be the piece of jewellery that grabs the most attention, so ensure you don’t leave any stone unturned while amping this up. Layering is already one of the biggest trends this year. Going traditional? Pick a single piece dramatic kundan and polki necklaces with up to five different layers. Or mix and match to create your own unique look. Strings of diamonds or a culture pearls, the layered look is for brides who want to keep their options open! The short and the long of it, nothing makes grabs more attention than the playfulness that such pieces bring with them! And why stop at neck pieces only? Bangles and rings can be stacked together too to add to the glam quotient!

The majestic cocktail ring: While the traditional cocktail ring styles have always been in vogue, they have recently become more popular at Indian weddings for the stylized look it gives both to Indian as well as western wear. A big rock, or detailed meenakari work, the cocktail ring sits on a throne outshining the rest! And before he puts a ring on it that will always steal the show, flaunt styles that no one else has!

Tradition meets modernity: The term ‘old is gold’ is back in vogue, this time in the true sense of the word! With the contemporary classics of Indian jewellery such as chandbali, jhumkis and arsis making a comeback, the element of newness is brought in with a twist of contemporary techniques and patterns of experimental pieces. Such designs can be seen in new patterns such as the two finger ring and detachable earrings infused with classic traditional motifs. While polki designs are still popular, we are seeing a steady shift towards smaller designs. Subtleness combined with class are the new buzzwords.

In addition, shoulder duster earrings clubbed with diamonds, are quintessentially for the bride who can’t take no for an answer when it comes to all things trendy. The gentle sweep of the earring on an open neck gown at a Sangeet ceremony will help you carry a different look at every ceremony than just traditional jhumkis!

Delicate Desires: Going in for a minimalistic look doesn’t mean to say that you don’t want to look good! Stunning pieces inspired by royalty and dot to the theme, pieces that are simple, yet simply unforgettable! Using small round diamonds, replicas of fancy diamond shapes are created using the pressure setting technique. Some popular shapes devised through this include the Aquila, Miracle plates and Napoli amongst others. Adding to this, an amalgamation of kundan polki style, fine temple jewellery, piroi, with diamonds are also in vogue.

Should you be looking at an overseas destination, you can celebrate with less being more. Go for a diamonds and platinum that will add a fresh look to your beautiful lehanga. Also, don’t hold back and feel free to experiment with colours that speak you. You can further accessorize with maathapattis which are back in trend, allowing you to skip the veil and flaunt a regal vibe. Other than this, you can also choose to accessorize with kamarbandhs, haathphools and maangtikkas to create a stunning fashion statement.

Getting down to the basics: A girls’ best friend, diamonds are now being explored beyond the traditional shapes of square, pear and round. Radiant, Princess, Marquise Cushion cuts are sure to catch anyone’s eye from afar! Clubbed with this, seamless combinations of rose and white gold are in trend with dual colours standing out. When it comes to gemstones, besides the evergreen pearls, red and green gems, even blue gemstones are catching increasing interest.

Settings and placements: Considered as one of the most easily outstanding of designs, the starburst setting has always given a ‘spread-out’ look to the design making it look all the more glamorous! The micropave setting which in French literally means ‘paved’ refers to an arrangement of diamonds across a surface also works well for the 3D form. Besides these the regular prong setting still manages to create excitement, as diamonds will continue to remain popular this year.

Customization is key: For those brides wanting to conserve the traditional look while adding a touch of innovation, custom high end jewellery is very much in vogue. From large sized diamonds to fancy unconventional cuts or detachable jewellery that can be worn in multiple ways, the list is endless as is the choice. A bride of today thinks much beyond just her wedding day itself and wants to work with jewellery and bridal trousseaus that can be worn for other occasions as well. This is where detachable jewellery and diamonds play a key role allowing accentuating any look! Furthermore, many brides and grooms like to pick their jewellery and trousseau together which while subduing the surprise element, ensures a complete ‘in-sync’ look.


What Makes Gemstone Jewelry A Must Buy?

Gems are the second fantasy of women, first comes diamond. Their mere presence makes the jewelry beautiful and the filigree patterns are the bounty which makes them wanted. They make a feast for the eyes and cheer to the heart kind of jewelry pieces. They have kept captivating women since ages and it is still in continuity, just the pattern has changed. They are available in even more fascinating designs year after year and the trends will make you go crazy.

Gemstone jewelry is no more an identity of party wear jewelry only. They have become an interesting part of daily life. They add a pinch of excitement to dress-up. The pretty bright colors of gems like yellow, green, blue, pink and yet rare tints which are a status symbol for people who possess them. Rarer the shade; more is the rate.

Each hue of a gem is very different as well as refreshing and each one is available in light to darker shades. There can be variant choices based upon skin tone, number of precise cuts that make the tint glow and so on. It is amazing to find that these gems give a whole new look in every different jewelry piece they are etched in.

Gemstone Engagement Rings: What an Idea!

Due to their increasing acceptance in daily life, there is a new vibe seen during Engagements and Weddings. While it is about the important events in our lives, we always try to get something innovative for our beloved and gem-studded engagement rings for women are the current trends women are getting crazy for. Ruby and Blue Gems are hot favorites.

It is a unique concept and eye-catchy one for sure. The settings play a vital role in determining the overall beauty of the ring, undoubtedly. The size of the center stone is an important consideration too. The square and princess cut are popular as engagement rings. Women also like to style themselves in their birthstone gem color. So if someone is planning for a band that could be closer to the heart of their beloved then they can re-think as birth-stones are better options too.

Gems + Diamonds = Heavenly Combination

The way diamonds and gems pair together; their deadly combination possesses the power to envy anyone. Beginning from the starry studs, most people do believe that only diamond could spread the magic. Well, diamonds are magical and shimmering but when they are accompanied by these hues, their beauty gets outstanding. From studs to drops, their filigree finesse makes them stunning.

The chandeliers and drops are extraordinarily stunning when adorned with maxi-dress, evening gowns as well as are always ready to match with traditional Indian attire and also with western dresses that are trending these days. It is unbelievable how these earrings can transform your overall look.

Keep it Natural with Charismatic Gems

You can keep it natural during parties by carrying minimum makeup and matching lighter shade lipstick with darker shade gem is a hidden secret to make your chunk highlighted.

Like the stars twinkle in the sky, the smaller sized gems etched within luxurious patterns of diamond necklaces make your neckline appear glamorous. They are on a must buy list of Indian brides with the colorful and heavy traditional dresses they adorn during the reception or sacred rituals during their wedding to mark their special moment with extra sparkle.

Sultry Element of all Jewelry

Single center gem, medium in size, when studded with the diamond necklace, surrounding with little diamonds arranged in a compact manner are among best party wear jewelry one can ever possess.

Bracelets are meant for glorifying the delicacy of woman’s wrists. Bringing them into the limelight, couture jewelry collection in leading diamond jewelry stores offer magnificent designs that can catch every eye present in the room.

You can get more than ever varieties in designer diamond bracelets at jewelry boutiques in which gems of different cuts, size and shapes are combined with the gloss of gold and shimmer of diamonds thus forming amazing patterns to achieve an evergreen look.

Diamond rings for women are always a fascination. Especially for cocktail parties where they choose to flaunt in style with oversized rings, thus eliminating the requirement of any other small finger jewel.

In southern India, brides are now adorning exclusive diamond jewelry. Anklets, belts, handcuffs, hair accessories and much more which are rarely seen on regular basis.

As gem jewelry can be adorned with formal and informal attires, they are worn without hesitation at workplaces too, keeping the trinkets unique and spreading subtle shine at work. It is noticeable that oversized rings are avoided at the workplace but nobody can ever say no to subtle and sweet small gem studded trinkets.


Silver Jewelry Trends That Are Never Out of the Trend

Sterling silver is in the forefront of fashion trends. This is the hottest trend and is regarded to be the must-have jewelry. There are wonderful options with respect to sterling silver and it also continues to be the popular choice with jewelry styles in each season. Especially, the infinity ring, monogram necklace and the sideways cross necklaces are the popular sterling silver jewelry pieces. Jewelry and the styles keep coming and going, but some styles remain for long number of years.

Bracelet– Wearing a bracelet makes any of your outfit complete. It looks simple and suits regardless of the place you go, a beach or a night out.

Infinity ring- This piece of jewelry is also a popular style and is expected to stay for a longer time. It appears fashionable and also entails a meaning. In fact, the bracelets and necklaces are also in the fashion trend raising the sales of silver and sterling silver jewelry.

Monogram Necklace– This is a necklace that is more personalized with a required monogram. This is gifted on special occasions by partners to their wives.

Sideways cross necklace– This is popular as a hot style. The sideways cross jewelry was highly popular few years ago and even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez were seen in this style of jewelry.

Evergreen jewelry

There are some silver jewelry styles that never fade out of style. They stay in demand and are the choice of most people.

  • One such is the gold hoop earrings. They come in plenty of variations and daring people were the larger earrings, while others prefer the smaller ones and go with the style. The beauty of thee gold hoop earrings are enhanced as they may come featuring small adornments such that it adds some bling.
  • For a fresher look, consider the silver cuffs that go well and are embellished pieces. You can be in style wearing silver or gold bands, besides adding the silver cuffs as bolder pieces.
  • If you wish to maintain a classic look, go with bracelets. These are super trendy. In fact they come I different materials and colors that you can easily mix and match. In fact, you will be the center of attention on entering a room with jangling sounds.
  • Adorn your body with silver jewelry of different types, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hand rings, hand band and so on, but you cannot totally ignore your feet. There are toe rings, anklets and lots to choose from. For something pretty and light, wear gold small anklets. If you are a daring type, go for edgier ankle bracelets that enhance the charm of your feet.
  • Long statement necklaces are a preferred silver jewelry this year. Generally, these long pieces come with heavy adornments appearing chunky. These are old styles and have come back, but now making a different statement that they can be worn in casual setting. If you wish to look modest, look for silver jewelry with fewer frills. This will let you stay in trend and your wishes are not compromised.


Diamond Jewelry: Combining Luxury and Style

Prestigious diamond jewelry is the perfect blend of luxury and style. One can flaunt it undoubtedly with their favorite designer dresses and feel precious in most cozy dresses at home too. Not only can heavily studded and diamond clustered jewels can be labeled as luxurious; even the smallest diamond etched trinket possesses the power to give a rich feel to the wearer.

Adorning plain gold jewelry is never an exciting idea. Even the most simple couple bands also have a single diamond etched in the center. Overall, diamonds make the jewelry design enchanting. Gone are the days when there were limited choices as with the availability of thousands of online jewelry shopping websites, it is convenient to shop jewels from any corner of the world by sitting at home.

The choice of finest quality diamonds in order to craft the best creations is not a cup of tea. The eyes of experts sense them to design the masterpieces by etching them into purest metals to get the final outcome of most beauteous jewel pieces.

When one thinks of a solitaire engagement ring to impress their beloved, it is the thought of diamond which evokes the desire to make her feel extra special. Well, the choice of engagement rings for women is not limited up to solitaire rings; there is more to it as impressive designer collection of diamond jewelry is available in the market to shop your dream design without making much effort. The combination of tow-toned gold and multi-tone gold as well as the availability of fascinating tints namely yellow, white and rose individually in mesmerizing designs is enough to make your beloved go crazy for you.

Even the smallest diamond can outshine the star with the shimmering beauty of its fine cut surface etched in contemporary designs of diamond jewelry. Modern women love to be in style regardless of the location they are present. They will still choose diamonds as a beauty enhancing element and so we find rings and earrings as most common presents for women. May be because they are available online matching differing budget sizes and tastes, they are chosen most.

You have the wisdom to choose the iconic jewel to represent you in most unique manner.

The designer version of simple yet stunning diamond studs, the sophisticated chandeliers and dazzling hoops and drops are hot favorites for party wear. Gone are the days when studs and hoops were used to be adorned only with daily wear outfits. Now is the time when the jewelry artisans craft ever-sparkling studs by etching contemporary elements in such a way that it blends style with tradition.

The creativity of craftsmanship to traditional design of diamond jewelry makes them even more wanted. Handcrafted jewelry is in great demand these days. The royal designs of diamond necklaces to suit with heavy and light bridal outfits level up the bridal glow at a whole new level. The bright color outfits to be adorned by bride during rituals and during reception are both different ends but jewelry is the thing which remains common and so one needs to pair that perfect jewel piece with them. All the eyes are constantly staring at bride and it is the time to flaunt your hereditary and latest jewel purchase combined in most unique form.

For working women, it is a great way to beat the Monday blues by accompanying diamonds in lightweight form. The special editions by jewelers make it convenient for busy women to shop their favorite trinkets online without hassle. For women who are dedicated corporate but never leave their jewelry passion behind, the designer collection of diamond bijouterie in modern and sober form combined to make a unique impression at work.


Women’s Stud Earrings: The Perfect Choice

“When it comes to jewelry, even a small piece can make a huge impact.”

When you love simple but want to look fashionable, stud earrings are a perfect choice. Possessing the sparkling charm and dazzling beauty required to become a style statement, stud earrings are a woman’s best friend for any event.

Some people may think studs are less exciting when comparing to other earrings. However, these cute and petite pieces are classic. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, but on a particular occasion, some looks better than other. The knowledge of selecting the right pair for any occasion allows you to complement your outfit in multiple ways.

Different Types of Stud Earrings

These small yet beautiful earrings can be simple or complex, even featuring several gemstones around a central stud. Understanding the different styles of stud earrings enables the wearer to choose the best pair for specific events.


No one can deny the beauty and charm of diamond studs. The ability to match with any color or shade of dress makes them a must have in every jewelry collection. Some prefer earrings with only a single stone, while others prefer a diamond surrounded by a halo of complementary gemstones.


Metal earrings are a perfect choice if you like elegant, classic, and fuss-free jewelry. Depending on your preference, you can choose studs in gold, sterling silver, or even stainless steel. Mostly, these beauties are preferred in the form of balls, stars, squares or other shapes.


Another classic example of fascinating jewelry are pearl earrings. Loved for their sophistication and mesmerizing look, pearl jewelry is immensely popular. In most designs, the pearl stands alone, but in some designs, you’ll find pearl studs with other gemstones around the pearl to accentuate the jewelry piece.


Just like diamond earrings, gemstone studs feature a stand-alone stone with different cuts and sizes. These enchanting beauties with a gem surround by diamonds or other gemstones look astounding enough to hold anyone’s attention. Many enthusiasts prefer these petite beauties with their birthstone or gem that hold special meaning.

How to Choose Earrings by Occasion

Specific events require specific pieces of jewelry, and the same goes with ensembles. Some studs are designed to match every situation, but others look appropriate for particular occasions or events. Other styles of earrings such as hoop, drop, dangle, or chandelier earrings might be too casual for formal events and not appropriate.

Casual Events

When it comes to casual events, simple studs work like a charm. Pretty and petite metal, gemstone, or diamond studs are perfect for leaving a lasting impression. Diamonds studs seamlessly match casual outfits but avoid complex settings such as halos. Also, pearl studs look flawless in a casual setting, especially when the pearls stand alone.

Formal Events

Studs with elaborate design are appropriate for formal events. These jewelry pieces can make you stand out from the crowd without over doing things. Metal studs with simple designs, on the other hand, may not match formal attire. Jewelry pieces with a large diamonds or gemstones look more appropriate with any gown or outfit that you’ll wear to a formal event.

Whether you like to keep things simple or love attention, there is a pair of stud earrings for women out there for you. So find that unique pair to suit your style perfectly.